Activate Your Awareness

Activate your awareness: Stop Breathe and Inquire

A short on-the-go meditation for the car, the office or anytime that you feel like you are having an unusual meltdown! This meditation gets you out of where you are; which could be the past or the future. It brings you back to the present to move you forward into a much more calm, clear and decisive state of being.

Activate your awareness: The Art of Intuition

We all have the ability to have “direct knowing”. This is the capacity to intuit and discern what is below the surface. You may feel it as clear as trusting your feelings about a situation, person or a place. It is about going with the gut instinct and knowing what is best for you. Learn how to make clearer, better decisions for yourself and live the life you want to live. Learn how to trust yourself to “know” the right decision. Having direct knowing means that you can create clarity and live the life of your dreams.


For those of us who are “givers” it can be challenging to become a “receiver”. But if you don’t know how to receive, then how are you going to get what you need and want? This meditation is meant to enhance your ability to have the life you really want by learning the ebb and flow of the universe. It teaches us how to master and understand that with giving comes receiving – in order to make the money you want and have the relationships you deserve. Learn how to separate “Need” from “Neediness”.


This meditation is for learning how to release and forgive those behaviors, people, and situations that don’t serve us in our highest good. We need this in order to heal from past relationships that did not work, and to heal from anger, fear, worry and doubt. This meditation affords us the opportunity to take ownership and responsibility over how we show up in our daily lives, so as not to fall victim to our default setting.


Also known as Yoga Nidra, this meditation is for anytime that you are able to find a quiet place to lie down and allow the body to be at rest. For those of us that have hectic, busy lives, this a great practice in order to allow the nervous system to reset. You will be awake and aware. This conscious state of awareness allows you to recharge your system and have more energy for the projects ahead.


This meditation is meant to ACTIVATE AWARENESS in what keeps us stuck in that paralyzing fear. You will learn through meditation how to let it go and release it once and for all. Fear can be transmuted or transformed into a catalyst for getting so much done. Want to learn how? Download today! Learn how to shift your fear into being fearless, while shifting paralysis and distraction into hope and success!

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