The Power of Yes

    In the movie, Yes Man, Carl Allen (portrayed by Jim Carrey), is mired in his negative ways until the day he attends a self-help seminar that teaches the power of saying yes. The results are immediate—new job promotion, new romance, but true to Hollywood form, Carl discovers that too much of anything can be bad for you. The road to happiness...

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Why You Should Be Patiently Investing in Tesla (And Yourself)

Billionaire investor Ron Baron has predicted that a long-term investment in Tesla Motors will prove to be one of the best financial decisions one can make. While the fruits of his investments will be slow to grow, Baron believes firmly that Tesla will become one of the biggest companies in the world. In the long-run, an investment in one of the most innovative companies on...

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Business Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

“To enjoy our life we have to pay attention to it…We need to foster sustainable performance to use our energy, time and resources in a more mindful and focused way rather than wasting them in stress. We need to be more self-determined in getting on with what we need to get on with at the right time. Mindfulness helps us enjoy...

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Send off the Old, Make Space for the New!

Its time! There is a link between the stuff in your environment and the stuff in your head! I am going to teach you how to let go of these patterns and items that hold us back from what we really want! If you don’t have clarity on what you want look around your space at what irks you, the “stuff’ that no...

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Be the Positive Reflection You Want to See in the World

#btprywtsitw This is the way truly to lead from the inside out. Our world today is lead and be led. It can be challenging to discern who is being authentic, courageous, and an inspirational influencer - the best qualities of a leader in my opinion. It is in our highest and best interest to truly raise the vibration and influence as a collective. I have been looking...

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We are what we eat; Physically and Spiritually!

When we think about food we think of grocery stores, restaurants or fast food. The food that we consume causes so many different emotions to stir up inside of us. Food can make you happy, sad, depressed, uncomfortable, and even angry….(with a little heartburnJ). Being that we are always contemplating what to put into our bodies, how much thought do we...

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Refinement is defined as the improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes; the act of making something pure. As we enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the kids play, we are aware that soon the season will start to slowly transition from summer to fall. We will start to notice small changes in the air and nature...

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Celebrating Your Independence

With the 4th of July on the horizon, many of us are making plans to be with our families or taking a short vacation in the sun. If you really sit down and think about it, independence has such a deeper meaning than the historical one that we have been taught. We are living in a country that has so many...

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Bringing Your Business Back To Life

We are now in the second month of 2015 and it seems that the New Year is speeding by. There have been many New Year’s resolutions that have already been broken. Gym membership sales increased drastically.   People started eating a little healthier. Some even tried to quit drinking or smoking. The sad part about attempting to change for the New Year...

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