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Eliminate the unseen, unspoken barriers on the field, on the court or in the office.


Personal Peak Performance Mentoring

Want to clear the frustrations and limitations that have been holding you back from the success you desire? You will accelerate your personal, professional and financial game when working with Amy. Backed by many years experience and the use of uncommon tools, She gets high achievers like yourself, to instantly identify and remove what is blocking your optimum performance.

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Bio Energetic Sessions

Are you sick of not knowing what is blocking you from success and need quick and instant assistance? Instant results found here, using this proven method. Identify those unseen, unspoken barriers once and for all and start winning effortlessly.

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Team Peak Performance Mentoring

Whether you need assistance with getting your team back on track, connecting to the common goal being more engaged in the process to have the best result i.e. winning. Amy will work with the team as a whole, removing any negativity that maybe stopping the team from 100% engagement and optimum performance.

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Over the last 18 months, our assets have grown by 16% and profit is up 27%. More importantly, we have created foundation to maintain that pace of growth. I have been able to keep my focus on those key elements that have the greatest impact for my organization. All of this is a direct impact of working with Amy.

Jay Anderson - CEO Pittsfield Coop

“Working with Amy allowed me to elevate my focus, let go of old thought patterns and energies that were no longer serving me and accelerate my life and business to a whole new level. The confidence I developed working with Amy has shifted my entire state of being to accept my value my price and receive it.”

Kelly Rehborg -


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