Success Stories

Quintin Demps

Professional Athlete

“Amy is the real deal. She is very passionate about helping others achieve there goals and maximize there full potential. She is an extremely great listener and does a really good job of ensuring that her clients get her absolute best. I really enjoy working with her and she has helped take me not only take my game to another level but she has also helped me take my personal life to another level.”

Chris Singleton

Former professional athlete and national sports broadcaster

“As a result of working with Amy, I’ve experienced greater levels of peace, calm, and contentment emotionally.  These attributes allow me to be at my best personally and professionally.  Equally, my wife has experienced strong results by gaining confidence in fearful areas she had grown to accept as a “normal” part of her life.  She is now doing things with confidence that she never thought she could do!”

Edwin Jackson

Professional Athlete & MLB Pitcher

“Amy is genuinely one of the most loving and caring people that I know! In the few months that we have been working together, her teaching me how to channel my focus and thoughts, and manifest positive outcomes has helped me tremendously, both on and off the field. She has helped me to tap into areas of my mind, body, and soul that I wouldn’t have known How to right now. I’m overly excited to get the season started and see our hard work together pay off!”

Jay Anderson

CEO Pittsfield Coop

“Over the last 18 months, our assets have grown by 16% and profit is up 27%.  More importantly, we have created foundation to maintain that pace of growth.  I have been able to keep my focus on those key elements that have the greatest impact for my organization.  All of this is a direct impact of working with Amy.”

Heather Howley

CEO Independent Helicopters

“Before working with Amy, I felt lost, waiting for the next success or failure. When I first started working with Amy, I had 3 helicopters, 2 locations and 2 staff members.  In the last 2 years, we have grown to 6 helicopters and 5 staff members and looking for a third location.  Our revenues nearly doubled the first year we worked together and are forecast to double again this year!”

Steve Messineo

Business & Systems Strategist Coach

“I’m a Business & Systems Strategist Coach, as well as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Thanks to Amy’s guidance, more than ever I have control over my business and my destiny.”

Deborah Nettles

Owner, Albany Hypnosis Center

“Amy taught me that you can’t choke when it comes to money. I had a $6000 tax bill and I choked; my close rate was down to 25%. Since working with Amy I have a 50% or better close rate which is fantastic.”

Dr. Tami Nelson

Dr. Of Chiropractic, Hampden Chiropractic

“Most important, in my work with Amy I have become clearer in my thoughts, ideas and goals, which have allowed me to not only see, but really sense the bigger purpose in life and I finally hit my financial goals.”

Louise Summey

Owner, of Ellie Productions, LLC.

“Working with Amy has helped my business so much. I own a video production company. I work behind the scenes. But if I want to have a full schedule and make more money I had to improve my selling technique. I now have a clear sales message. My sales have increased by 30% in a 6 month period. I used to get so nervous when I had to give my 30 second commercial in front of the group. Now, I am sharing my story to promote sales for my video production company in network meetings.”

Anny L.

“Although successful prior to working I realize that need  specific help to move me to the next level. She works holistically and deeply with you inner self to achieve your maximum desired results (including one you may have ruled out as impossible).  In less than one year’s time my health has improved and saw a very healthy increase in my income (a 14.6% increase compared to last year). “

Michelle Neal

“I thank God every day for bringing Amy into my life when He did. I have struggled for many years with my emotions but this past year was one of my darkest yet. I gained an excessive amount of weight letting other’s emotions and feelings direct the way I felt and consume me. Amy guided me to the light, bringing me back to the person I knew I truly was, breaking down the walls I never even realized I had, confronting them & letting them go. Once complete with the sessions, I began to see my relationship with myself, my husband & work getting better. I am happier & more successful with each because of it. For those curious about the weight gain, letting go of all the negative & becoming mentally better, I become more motivated; I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months. Take the leap, trust that God does not want us to suffer & we can truly be the best version of ourselves if we just take the chance. . “

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