Peak Performance Mentoring

Whether you are a CEO or Team Coach we all need assistance with getting our team back on track, connecting to the common goal being more engaged in the process to have the best result i.e. winning. Amy will work with the team as a whole, removing any negativity that maybe stopping the team from 100% engagement and optimum performance. She will create connectivity and camaraderie amongst your team. This set up will not only allow for your team to win but go down in history and people will be talking about for decades to come.

Hire Amy to train your staff to Lead from the inside out to be more efficient, more effective, more connected in turn shortening their sales cycle and conversion rate with her cutting edge system to shift into complete engagement in roles and task therein meeting their quotas each month.  Jump on an exploratory call and see if your a fit with Amy.
Amy will teach you her process so you can live a life of freedom when or if any such obstacles could appear again.  She will show you how to take your team through the same system.

My team and I began the performance training with Amy because we were disconnected, didn’t sync as a team, our communication was just off (we didn't understand each other) and the financial side of the business was in trouble. Through Amy's holistic approach to leadership, we looked at all aspects of my inner leader. Together, We built a foundation of strength in my leadership skills; delegation, ability to let go and let my senior staff lead and trust the process. And the success was unbelievable, In our two locations we have grown not just as a company but as with a vision. Just Cats Saratoga has grown with a 40% increase and Guilderland has grown with a 25% increase in revenue since we have been working together. My team has a confidence and a positivity that has not been present before, they are more engaged and more productive working toward the goals that will bring this company to a greater success than expected.

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